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22 February 2009 @ 04:04 pm
O-week anime screening (I'm back !)  
Hi everyone !
After a few year absence I'm returning to USQ this semester and the first thing I want to do is host a big anime screening and games night like I've done in the past to introduce myself to all the new members. I was planning to do this the night of Sunday the 1st of March at the end of the first week of O-week. The screening will start around 4pm Sunday at my house at 101 Glenvale Road (on my 50" plasma !) and run for about 5 hours of anime with breaks in between followed by a couple of hours of Gamecube and Wii gaming.

Anime likely to be considered for screening will be:

Origin - Spirits of the Past
Place Promised in Our Early Days
10 cm per Second

And the usual madness of Super Monkey Ball and Wii Sports will follow. Open house and all are invited, both members and non-members. BYO if you are so inclined. Transport can be arranged for those without it by calling me on 0429 877 824 prior to the day.